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The Enemy of the World special edition

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The Enemy of the World special edition

Post by Admin-Emperor Dalek on Wed 7 Feb 2018 - 8:07

This was online yesterday, coming out March 19th 2018.
Remastered episodes. Even though all episodes were restored in 2013 for the previous DVD release, Peter Crocker from the Restoration Team is using advances in technology since then to go over each one with a fine tooth comb to ensure they are now presented in the best possible quality for this special edition.
“Treasures Lost and Found” - produced by Ed Stradling.

With so much information now available about every Doctor Who serial, it's not easy to learn anything new, so Toby Hadoke embarks on an exciting treasure hunt to find out all he can about the production. Along the way he'll interview some of the cast and crew including Frazer Hines, Mary Peach and David Troughton - who made his first TV appearance in this serial as an extra.
“Recovering the Past – The Search for The Enemy of the World” - produced by Paul Vanezis.

A brand new interview with the episode hunter Philip Morris, we hear how he tracked down the last surviving film copy of the serial to a dusty room in the African desert.
"Remembering Deborah Watling” - produced by Cameron McEwan.
Family, friends and colleagues pay tribute to Debbie Watling who played Victoria Waterfield, companion to Patrick Troughton’s doctor.
Audio commentaries on all six episodes produced by John Kelly. Contributors include Frazer Hines, Mary Peach, Gordon Faith, Milton Johns and Sylvia James. Moderator is Simon Harries.
Production subtitles on all six episodes written by Martin Wiggins.
Photo gallery produced by Derek Handley.
Scripts of all six episodes as PDFs.
Amazon listing this at £19.99.
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Re: The Enemy of the World special edition

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Wed 7 Feb 2018 - 17:00

That price is definitely uncalled for. Just because of some more bonus content and a memoriam? There's not really that much new here, and considering this was released only a few years ago, it's way too soon. Should've waited at least a decade, probably two even, before re-releasing it. Why not focus on stories that don't already have a special edition?

And this cover has what I refer to as the "No.1 Don't-Do" for DVDs. Don't plant spoilers on the cover! Especially the ending!
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