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Figurine Wishlist

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Figurine Wishlist

Post by Dalek on Mon 2 Oct 2017 - 11:00

We've all heard the news by now that the Figurine Collection has been extended to 180 issues, which leaves about 60 odd more gaps in the collection, as well as any more special releases. Ben Robinson has also said companions are a possibility beyond 150, and even if this is no longer possible, there are a number of ways they could do companions by still fitting in with the villain only theme of the collection, for example, faceless Rose or Donna with the beetle on her back. With all this in mind, feel free to post your wishlist for the rest of the collection here. There's no limit as to how many suggestions you want to put forward, but please specify if a figurine is a special, how it could be released, i.e. subscriber, online, etc. I've only done a New Series list for now, but I'll post my classic one shortly.
Gelth Zombie (The Unquiet Dead)
Rose Tyler (The Long Game)
SPECIAL-Reaper (Father's Day)
Captain Jack (The Empty Child)
Anne Droid (Bad Wolf)
SPECIAL-Werewolf (Tooth and Claw)
Mickey Smith (Rise of the Cybermen)
Faceless Rose Variant (The Idiot's Lantern)
Possessed Toby (The Impossible Planet)
Abzorbaloff (Love and Monsters)
SPECIAL-Tenth Doctor's TARDIS (Fear Her)
Pig Slave (Daleks in Manhattan)
SPECIAL-Lazarus Monster (The Lazarus Experiment)
Sun Possessed Korwin (42)
Son of Mine (Human Nature)
Serene Weeping Angel (Blink)
Martha Jones (The Sound of Drums)
Miss Foster with Adipose (Partners in Crime)
SPECIAL-Pyrovile (The Fires of Pompeii)
Sontaran Trooper (The Sontaran Stratagem)
SPECIAL-Vespiform (The Unicorn and the Wasp)
River Song (Silence in the Library)
Better Tenth Doctor Variant (Midnight)
Donna with Time Beetle (Turn Left)
Flood Creature (Preferably Andy Stone) (The Waters of Mars)
Time Lord (The End of Time Part One)
Smiler (The Beast Below)
Regenerating Angel (The Time of Angels)
Vampire Girl (The Vampires of Venice)
Dream Lord (Amy's Choice)
Chained Alaya (The Hungry Earth)
Amy Pond (Vincent and the Doctor)
Craig Owens (The Lodger)
Stone Dalek (The Big Bang)
Centurion Rory (A Christmas Carol)
Astronaut (The Impossible Astronaut)
The Siren (The Curse of the Black Spot)
Nephew (The Doctor's Wife)
Ganger Doctor (The Rebel Flesh)
Jennifer Ganger (The Almost People)
Teselecta (Let's Kill Hitler)
Peg Doll (Night Terrors)
Minotaur (The God Complex)
Damaged Cyberman (Closing Time)
Gantok (The Wedding of River Song)
Wooden King (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)
SPECIAL-Tricey (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)
Shakri (The Power of Three)
Chained Angel (The Angels Take Manhattan)
Snowman (The Snowmen)
Better Eleventh Doctor Variant (The Bells of Saint John)
Clara Oswald (Hide)
Time Zombie (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)
Commander Strax (The Crimson Horror)
Twelfth Doctor Variant (Listen)
Skovox Blitzer (The Caretaker)
Spacesuit Clara Variant (Kill the Moon)
Boneless (Preferably the guy who used to be in Casualty) (Flatline)
Danny Pink (In the Forest of the Night)
Cyber Skeleton (Dark Water)
Kate Stewart (Death in Heaven)
Santa (Last Christmas)
Open Dalek (The Witch's Familiar)
Prentis' Ghost (Under the Lake)
Leandro (The Woman Who Lived)
Osgood (The Zygon Invasion)
Bonnie (The Zygon Inversion)
Sandman (Sleep No More)
Ashildr (Face the Raven)
Cloister Wraith (Hell Bent)
The Ghost (The Return of Doctor Mysterio)
Heather (The Pilot)
Emojibot (Smile)
Nardole (Thin Ice (End Scene))
Eliza (Knock Knock)
Spacesuit Zombie (Oxygen) (Rumoured as 118)
Bill Potts (Extremis)
Truth Monk (The Pyramid at the End of the World)
Donald Trump (The Lie of the Land) (Haha just kidding)
Any of the Romans/Picts/whatever they were (The Eaters of Light)
Missy (The Doctor Falls)
Thirteenth Doctor (Twice Upon a Time (Well, obviously)
I know a lot of these are very unlikely, especially the variants, but thanks for taking some time out to read my list!
The Ninth Doctor's Tardis

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Post by Dalek on Mon 2 Oct 2017 - 15:34

Here's my classic list. Again, I know a lot of these, especially the variants, are unlikely but thanks for reading anyway!
SPECIAL-TARDIS Console (An Unearthly Child)
Susan (The Edge of Destruction)
Tegana (Marco Polo)
Barbara (The Aztecs)
Ian (Planet of Giants)
Koquillion (The Rescue) (Rumoured)
Nero (The Romans)
SPECIAL-Zarbi (The Web Planet)
El Akir (The Crusade)
First Doctor in Dalek (The Space Museum)
Monk (The Time Meddler)
Drahvin (Galaxy Four)
Any of the Delegates (Mission to the Unknown)
Vicki (The Myth Makers)
Steven (The Massacre)
Toymaker (The Celestial Toymaker)
Dodo (The Gunfighters)
Edal (The Savages)
Cherub (The Smugglers)
Ben (The Highlanders)
Fish Person (The Underwater Menace)
SPECIAL-Macra (The Macra Terror)
Polly (The Faceless Ones)
SPECIAL-Yeti (The Abominable Snowmen)
Ice Warrior (The Ice Warriors)
Salamander (The Enemy of the World)
Victoria (Fury from the Deep)
White Robot (The Mind Robber)
Kroton (The Krotons) (Is this special worthy?)
Ice Warrior Grand Marshall (The Seeds of Death)
Zoe (The Space Pirates)
Any of the Ambassadors (The Ambassadors of Death)
Primord (Preferably Stahlmann) (Inferno)
Carnival Auton (Terror of the Autons)
Jo (The Mind of Evil)
Uxarius Guardian (Colony in Space) (That's probably spelt wrong, sorry)
Mutt (The Mutants)
Kronos (The Time Monster (Special?)
SPECIAL-Drashig (Carnival of Monsters)
Brigadier (Invasion of the Dinosaurs)
SPECIAL-Great One (Planet of the Spiders)
SPECIAL-Wirrn (The Ark in Space)
Styre (The Sontaran Experiment)
Classic Zygon (Terror of the Zygons)
Anti-Matter Monster (Planet of Evil)
Kraal (The Android Invasion)
SPECIAL-Krynoid (The Seeds of Doom) (I know it was cancelled, but I can dream!)
Sarah Jane (The Masque of Mandragora)
Eldrad (Female) (The Hand of Fear)
Leela (The Face of Evil)
Magnus Greel (The Talons of Weng Chiang)
Rutan (Out of Scale, obviously) (Horror of Fang Rock)
K-9 (The Invisible Enemy)
SPECIAL-Fendahleen (Image of the Fendahl)
Collector (The Sun Makers)
Minyan (Underworld)
Stor (The Invasion of Time)
Romana 1 (The Ribos Operation)
Pirate Captain (The Pirate Planet)
Ogri (The Stones of Blood)
Taran Wood Beast (The Andoids of Tara)
SPECIAL-Kroll (The Power of Kroll)
Black Guardian (The Armageddon Factor)
SPECIAL-Erato (The Creature from the Pit)
Mandrel (Nightmare of Eden)
Nimon (The Horns of Nimon)
Romana 2 (Shada, if it counts)
Foamasi (The Leisure Hive)
Meglos Fourth Doctor (Meglos)
Any of the Vampires (State of Decay)
Adric (Warriors' Gate)
Melkur (The Keeper of Traken)
The Watcher (Logopolis)
Nyssa (Castrovalva)
Monarch (Four to Doomsday)
SPECIAL-Mara (Kinda)
Cosplay Fifth Doctor Variant (Black Orchid)
Khalid (Time Flight)
80s Omega (Rumoured) (Arc of Infinity)
Tegan (Snakedance)
Turlough (Mawdryn Undead)
The Garm (Terminus)
Kamelion (The King's Demons)
Raston Robot (The Five Doctors)
Sea Devil (Warriors of the Deep)
Malus (The Awakening)
Tractator (Frontios)
Ainley (Planet of Fire)
Mestor (The Twin Dilemma)
Sil (Vengeance on Varos)
The Rani (The Mark of the Rani)
Stike (The Two Doctors)
The Borad (Timelash)
Peri (Trial of a Time Lord Part 1)
Lord Kiv (Trial of a Time Lord Part 2)
Valeyard (Trial of a Time Lord Part 4)
Mel (Paradise Towers)
Ace (Dragonfire)
Kandyman (The Happiness Patrol)
Chief Clown (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)
Light (Ghost Light)
Haemovore (The Curse of Fenric)
Roberts Master (Obviously)
Variants of every character in Dimensions in Time, including the EastEnders cast, and especially the pickled heads.
Complete set of Doctors from The Curse of Fatal Death, plus Emma, Master with removable boobs and a couple of Daleks.
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Re: Figurine Wishlist

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Mon 2 Oct 2017 - 19:40

The Valeyard
"The Great Healer" Davros
The Monks (S10)
The Rani
Other Asylum Daleks
Updated Mondasian Cyberman
Dalek Battle Pod
Dalek Thay (S3)
The Sixth Doctor's TARDIS

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Re: Figurine Wishlist

Post by Sponsored content

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