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Children of Earth vs Miracle Day (SPOILERS)

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Children of Earth vs Miracle Day

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Children of Earth vs Miracle Day (SPOILERS)

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Thu 24 Aug 2017 - 21:14

So we've all seen Torchwood at least once in some way. Most of us probably have seen the third series, however the general remark seems to be no one cares about the fourth series.

So I'm curious, who prefers Children of Earth and who prefers Miracle Day? To summarise which one was which:

Children of Earth:
-5 episodes
-Torchwood Team: Jack, Gwen, Ianto (Dies), Rhys (sort of), Lois 
-Villains: The 456, John Frobisher, the Government 
-At a glance: An alien creature comes down in fiery blaze over the skies of London with specific demands. 10% of the children of earth (equates to around 350 million children) must be donated for the purposes of... drug-dealing. What? Seriously, that is literally the plot.

Miracle Day:
-10 episodes
-Torchwood Team: Jack, Gwen, Rex, Esther (Dies), Rhys (sort-of)
-Villains: The Government, Oswald Danes, PhiCorp
-At a glance: One day, no one dies... Next day, no one dies... And the next, World Population increases rapidly. CIA agents Rex Matheson and Esther Drummond believe the remnants of the Torchwood team hold the answers. 

Now despite how harsh I am to the American side of Doctor Who, I actually prefer Miracle Day. Children of Earth was good and all, but it was also way too boring. The characters John Frobisher and Bridget Spears are screaming for development. The plot seemed to focus way too much on characters that were completely irrelevant to the plot overall. It didn't even name that black-hair woman who turned good because of Gwen's persuasive tone. Not to mention all of the deaths were underplayed, and Ianto's was just outright unnecessary and felt "shoe-horned" in. Whereas Miracle Day had a very interesting concept, which makes you think quite a bit about immortality, and the realism of the possibility. Not to mention, the mystery of what was happen in MD was genuinely a tough one to figure out. It seemed completely impossible, but it pieces together quite smoothly. However I will admit, the first five episodes are quite "slow-paced" and filled with exposition, but once it really gets cracking at Ep6, it's AMAZING, on the contrary, C of E's villain, the 456, had a very limited range in regards to what it could've wanted with the children.
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