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Farewell to Peter Capaldi

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Farewell to Peter Capaldi

Post by Admin-Emperor Dalek on Sat 15 Jul 2017 - 8:43

A friend of mine on Facebook wants to get a book together with messages to Peter Capaldi to wish him well. It was planned that a group of fans got together, some did, but not the way it was supposed to go.

He says:
Some of you here might’ve heard whispers of a recent controversial event that happened involving an organised meet with various Doctor Who stars including the man himself, Peter Capaldi on his final day of filming. - See here

As I personally believe the goodbye Peter inevitably received wasn’t as special as it should’ve been (as someone who missed their own planned chance to say thanks in-person), I would like to organise a group orientated effort to get something sent directly to him from the many, this time, not just a few.
The idea is: Anyone who wishes to be involved can send me their short, personal messages of thanks via Private Message - which is to be ended with your full name, town/state and country I.E Rob Purslow, Evesham, UK and the group you saw this message in - (feel free to include a single photo of choice involving yourself and Peter).
After that, I can place each message individually into one long document (with each page having a corresponding group name title I.E Members of (The Amazing World of Doctor Who forum)

In extension, at a later date, this document will get printed and turned into a community book. I’m going to try my best to send both a copy to Peter’s agency and the DW Roath Studios upon completion as well making efforts to make sure it actually reaches him, by contacting certain people if all else fails.
The only rules involved are: 1. You cannot ask for Autographs 2. Cannot use vulgar language 3. Ensure an effort is made to keep all messages under or up to a 100-word limit.
Thanks everyone,
- Rob

If you want to send a message, please send me (Admin) a private message and Ill pass it over to Rob.
Admin-Emperor Dalek

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