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Solution to "The Lie of the Land" plothole

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Solution to "The Lie of the Land" plothole

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Sat 10 Jun 2017 - 14:44

We're all extremely annoyed by 12's fake regeneration in last week's episode, however I believe I've found a solution that should makes us all feel a little bit more satisfied.

It wasn't a fake regeneration, but rather the start of the Doctor's next regeneration.

Back in Time of the Doctor, 11 was ageing quite elderly, and his initial regeneration restored him to his younger-looking self. Then, when his face completely changed, the regeneration was "blink and you'll miss it" speed, which was the end of the regeneration.

This is my solution to what has happened this time round. 

The Doctor was blind for 2.5 episodes this series, and although the Monks cured his blindness, that doesn't necessarily mean they cured the pain and damage caused to his eyes, and how dry they were as he was blinded in the vacuum of space. So what I think happened, was last week's regeneration was him restoring his eyes back to their natural state. Just like how Smith's restored him to his natural age. Moffat himself even said the regeneration would be "complex" and "different". 

So when he does regenerate either at the end of the series or in the Christmas Special, it will be quite quick, because he is now back to his normal self.

Again this is just a theory, although I prefer this solution to him just being able to glow whenever he wants. Because that quite frankly sounds dull and pathetic.
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