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Sonic Devices - Actually PLOT devices?

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Sonic Devices - Actually PLOT devices?

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Sun 21 May 2017 - 11:06

So this is an issue I've seen on several Doctor Who forums, websites, and even with people I've spoken to personally. We all seem to have issues with the Sonic Screwdriver.

The biggest issue I've heard from people is that they feel as if it's just a plot device for when a writer creates such a big dilemma that they don't know how to resolve it. There are several examples of this, such as in "The Age of Steel", when the Doctor uses the screwdriver so that him and Mrs Moore can escape the cyber-catacombs. Another more recent example is in Oxygen, when the Doctor sacrifices the screwdriver to stop a suit killing him. Without the screwdrivers, the Doctor would've died in both scenarios. There are many other examples too.

I personally have never had a problem with this. I've always loved the sonic screwdriver and felt it entirely appropriate for the Doctor. It's a nice little device, and it genuinely does seem like something a humanoid alien from across the universe would have.

However my problem with the screwdriver is that it seems to be immortal. What I mean by this is whenever it gets destroyed, there is little to no explanation has to how it suddenly returns. The most recent example has already been mentioned, when the Screwdriver gets destroyed in Oxygen, but somehow in the following episode Extremis it's suddenly back. You could say "Oh the TARDIS just made another one", however I want there to be evidence within the episode that points to that conclusion. Earlier in the series, "The Pilot", you can see the Doctor has a whole pot of screwdrivers. Including Twelve's inherited sonic from Eleven. Wasn't that one lost at the start of Series 9? How did he get it back, and why?

How do you guys feel? Are you like me and love the sonic screwdriver but wish there was more screen-time dedicated to it? Or do you not like it?
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Re: Sonic Devices - Actually PLOT devices?

Post by Admin-Emperor Dalek on Tue 23 May 2017 - 20:26

I always liked the Sonic Screwdriver, but in New Who it is this universal device, can do anything, I think that is what annoys fans. What used ti annoy me was from the 9th-11th Doctors Sonics he would scan something and look at the sonic as if reading something, but what was he looking at, it was never clear.
How he replaces a damaged one, I assume he makes a new one.
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