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"Oxygen" - Episode 5

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"Oxygen" - Episode 5

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Sat 6 May 2017 - 20:38

I am very excited for this episode in particular. Probably the most out of all the five thus far this series. 

I love Zombies, and I love space. This mixes them together with a blend of my favourite TV show, I'm extremely hyped for next Saturday, and I have high expectations for this episode but have no doubts of it nailing them.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Nardole finally have a companion-role this series after having just cameos for the past three episodes.

I know many people are concerned about this episode following the same footsteps as Sleep No More and Last Christmas, but this will be a lot different. For starters, this episode is entirely centred around the Forge Chasm space station unlike Sleep No More which was linked to Triton as well and had a whole background story. And Last Christmas was all a crab-induced coma whereas this episode is set in reality.

What about you guys? Are you excited for this episode?
The Sixth Doctor's TARDIS

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Re: "Oxygen" - Episode 5

Post by Admin-Emperor Dalek on Sun 14 May 2017 - 22:46

I liked it, but was tired so need to watch it again...

Admin-Emperor Dalek

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Re: "Oxygen" - Episode 5

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Mon 15 May 2017 - 16:24

The episode as a whole was good. And definitely had a Doctor Who-vibe to it, but also that of The Walking Dead which was also pleasant to see.

The cast all played their roles perfectly in my opinion, and kudos to the actors working the suits and being dead at the same time as well.

I did feel as though the Doctor using a single word to stop the opponent was a bit rushed, and reminded me of Mummy on the Orient Express, although by a long shot this was better.

I wish Darr-hen had more screentime and that they explored his character and his species a little bit more. I also wish they hadn't killed him off, or at least not so soon anyway. Although I won't lie, throughout the scenes he was in, all that I could think of was the Blue Man group.

Overall, 7.5/10. The episode gave off a good vibe and was enjoyable to watch after a long two-weeks of mock exams, although there were a still few things that could've been improved or added.
The Sixth Doctor's TARDIS

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Re: "Oxygen" - Episode 5

Post by Dalek on Mon 15 May 2017 - 16:30

I really enjoyed this episode-I'm so glad they finally gave Nardole something to do this week.
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Re: "Oxygen" - Episode 5

Post by Sponsored content

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