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The Sound of Drums / Last of the Timelords questions

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The Sound of Drums / Last of the Timelords questions

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Sat 25 Mar 2017 - 13:16

-If the Doctor takes the valiant back "just after President Winters was killed but before the toclafane arrived", then surely the toclafane would still be there anyway? After all, they did kill him, so where are they? And if it wasn't them, what did kill the President?

-How did the Doctor know that the Master would use the countdown a year before he actually did?

-How did Martha get "Travel the entire world and spread the story about me so we can all say my name together and I can be free using the archangel network" from the word "Countdown"?

-Even if the Doctor did get the perception filter around the Master's neck, wouldn't the Master draw attention to himself deliberately? After all, he did need to be on deck for what was about to happen.

-President Winters says "I give you, the Toclafane". First of all, how could the Toclafane hear him? Were they invisible? And secondly, how did Winters even know they were going to appear? The toclafane even said they wanted the Master, so it couldn't have been a scheduled appearance?

-Why didn't the Master stop Martha from teleporting away? After all, the perception filter doesn't work on him, and if Martha's family could see her, surely the guards could as well?

-Why doesn't Martha just take Jack with her? A Vortex manipulator can carry at least three people.

-How come "The Year that Never Was" doesn't coincide with invasions from Sontarans, Daleks, and all the present-day invasions during Series 4? I get the Master has the toclafane, but what can they really do against a full-fledged fleet of Daleks?

-Tom shoots a gun and a toclafane arrives. After the autopsy, he then shoots it again, so why doesn't this draw the attention of a second one? More importantly, how come only one toclafane arrived in the first place?

-The opening scene of Last of the Time Lords is a computer voice stating "Sol 3 is now closed for business", yet at no point in the episode is it stated what this actually means. I understand it's a planet and all that, but it's never actually established where this event takes place. Is it at some intergalactic airport or something?
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